CA Health & Safety Code Section 101045

The Alameda County Health Officer shall investigate health and sanitary conditions in every county jail, and every other publicly operated detention facility in the county. The County Health Officer may make additional investigations of any county jail or other detention facility of the county as he or she determines necessary. The County Health Officer shall submit a report to the Board of Corrections, the sheriff or other person in charge of the jail or detention facility, and to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Whenever requested by the sheriff, the chief of police, local legislative body, or the Board of Corrections, but not more often than twice annually, the county health officer or, in cities having a city health officer, the city health officer, shall investigate health and sanitary conditions in any of the jails and detention facilities, and submit a report to each of the officers and agencies authorized to request the investigation and to the Board of Corrections.

The investigating officer shall determine if the food, clothing, and bedding is of sufficient quantity and quality that at least shall equal minimum standards and requirements prescribed by the Board of Corrections for the feeding, clothing and care of prisoners in all local jails and detention facilities, and if the sanitation requirements required by the Health and Safety Code Chapter 4 of Part 7 (California Retail Food Code) of Division 104 (Environmental Health) for retail food facilities have been maintained.

The Inspection Checklist is determined by the Title 15 California Code of Regulations for minimum standards for Juvenile Facilities and Local Detention facilities (Adults) and CalCode. Checklist are divided into three sections: environmental, nutritional and medical/mental health and all three sections must be completed for a complete health inspection. The applicability of a regulation to an individual facility is determined by that facility’s operation.

The Alameda County Public Health and Environmental Health departments jointly assist the Health Officer with conducting the required inspections of detention facilities. The following are detention facilities in Alameda County:

Glenn Dyer Jail, Oakland Police Department Jail, Wiley Manuel Courthouse, Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, Albany Police Department Jail, San Leandro Police Department Jail, Eden Township Substation, East County Hall Of Justice, Pleasanton Police Department Jail, Livermore Police Department Jail, Newark Police Department Jail, Fremont Hall of Justice, Fremont Police Department Jail, Union City Police Department Jail, Hayward Hall of Justice, Hayward Police Department Jail, Juvenile Justice Center, Juvenile Justice Court Holding, and the Santa Rita Detention Center.

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