Department of Environmental Health

Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

On January 30, 2020 the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, meaning that all countries should prepare for the potential spread of disease. The CDC also cautioned that the immediate risk to the public remains low and has not issued or recommended additional precautions for the general public at this time. Members of the public can obtain the latest information by visiting the CDC website

Alameda County Public Health launched a new website page for updates on the Coronavirus and the local response in Alameda County


Welcome to the Department of Environmental Health public website

Environmental Health programs impact the lives of Alameda County citizens every hour of each day. Our work protects and enhances the health and quality of life by ensuring food and recreational safety, reducing exposures to toxics and pests, protecting the quality of our water, air, the physical environment and so much more. In many other ways, we work to make your community better as our goal is always environmental health protection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health is to protect the health, safety and well-being of the public through the promotion of environmental quality.

Programs and Services

Environmental Protection Division
  • Cottage Food Operations 
  • Food Safety
  • Housing and Institutions
  • Mobile Food Facilities
  • Plan Check
  • Pools / Spas / Beaches
  • Temporary Events
Hazardous Materials Division
  • Clean Water Program
  • CUPA
  • Waste Tire Program
Household Hazardous Waste

  • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) Program 
  • Local Oversight Program
  • Water Program

Solid Waste Division
  • Solid Waste Program
  • Medical Waste Program
  • Body Art Program

Vector Control Services

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