Food Safety Manager Certification Class


California Health and Safety Code (CALCODE) section 113947.1 requires food facilities (excluding temporary food facilities/food booths) that provide unpackaged, potentially hazardous food, to have an owner or employee who has successfully passed an accredited certification examination. 

The Alameda County Department of Environmental Health (ACDEH) offers a 6-hour instructor led class and an accredited food safety certification examination that fulfills this requirement. 

A list of additional accredited companies that offer a class and/or an exam can be found at the link:  

ACDEH’s Food Safety Manager class is located at 1131 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda CA. The 6-hour class begins at 8:30AM with a 45-minute lunch break. There are eating establishments nearby, or you may bring a lunch. The exam process begins at 3:00pm and ends at or around 5:30pm

A team of inspectors will review and explain food safety concepts such as approved food sources, cleaning and sanitizing, personal hygiene, cooking temperatures, food borne illness, approved equipment, and vermin control.  During class we will reference the textbook, listen to instructional videos, complete group activities, participate in group discussion, and review sample test questions.   

You can register for a class in English here or in Spanish here.  Upon the department receiving your registration form and payment, you will be mailed the NSF Healthguard textbook and a registration confirmation letter to the mailing address you provided on your registration form.  You may also pay the registration fee and pick up your textbook in person at our office.  There are no refunds.  In the event you have an emergency the department will reschedule your registration for the next available class. 

First time registration includes the exam and textbook for $141.00.  Registration for re-certification is $95.00 and only offered to students whose food safety manager certificate is expired.  You must attach your expired certificate with your registration form to qualify for this fee.  Registration for the $38.00 retest is only offered to students who completed the ACDEH class and exam and did not qualify to receive the certification.  The textbook is not included in the $38.00 registration fee.  To inquire about the status of your certificate contact  directly.

To be properly prepared for class, please see the helpful study tools, frequently asked questions below, and review the NSF Healthguard textbook prior to class.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must take the exam on your own without assistance from any person, dictionary, translator device, or notes.  The exam is available in different languages and may be requested on the registration form. 

The exam is closed book.  It is important to prepare for class in advance and participate during class.

Any employee that engages in food activity may be the certificate holder.  That person must be the designated person in charge and able to maintain proper food safety requirements.

It is recommended to register 30 days prior to the scheduled class.  Registration closes when the class is full.

You can with 24-hour notice to our department by emailing and stating the registrants name and the full name of the substitute.  The substitute must bring valid government identification.  If needed, an additional book can be purchased for $32.00.

No, but the food safety certified person must designate a person in charge of the facility in their absence.

The books are mailed to the mailing address noted on the registration form.  If you do not receive a textbook, you may purchase an additional one at our office for $32.00 by emailing

Please bring a valid government identification, your confirmation letter, your NSF Healthguard textbook, a pencil/pen, reading glasses and lunch (if needed).

You may retake the exam for $38.00 at a future class date.  You must register to retest by completing the same registration form and paying the fee. 

Once you have completed your exam, you may check the status of your certificate directly with .  It will either by emailed or U.S. Mail service.

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