Community Events and Temporary Food Facilites

California Health and Safety Code (CALCODE) requires Community Event Sponsors and Temporary Food Facilities (TFF) to obtain an Alameda County Environmental Health Department (ACEHD) permit to operate.  Selling or giving away any food or any beverage item requires permitting.  Apply for a permit by following the instructions on this webpage.  Join our free "INFORMATION SESSION" to learn more on the permitting process.
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Mobile Food Facilities do not qualify as Temporary Food Facilities.   

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 Fee Exemption

A Sole Proprietor Veteran or a qualified 501 (c) (3) providing humanitarian assistance for the poor, suffering and distressed may request a permit fee exemption.  Complete and submit the forms below with your application.  If you do not meet the requirements, you will be required to pay the permit fees.

Refund Policy Fifty percent (50%) of the permit fee amount may be refunded upon cancellation of the event or if the application is rejected.  Providing justification from you, as the applicant, is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a permit is always required to sell, give away or sample any food or drinks to the public.

Once you are accepted to a community event you must complete the application at the link provided here:  Temporary Food Facility Permit Application

Read all instructions on the application and submit the complete application at least 30 working days prior to the event date.  Any incomplete applications will be rejected.  Submit the application to and pay your permit fee.  After the application is reviewed by an inspector, you will be contacted by email regarding approval or denial.  Check your email/junk mail and voicemail regularly.  We may need to request more information from you.  If we cannot make contact, the approval process will not continue.

No. Annual TFF permits are not available in Alameda County.

No. The permit to operate a restaurant does not cover temporary events, even if the event it is on the street outside your facility.

You must work in conjunction with a sponsored community event.  You must complete the application and answer all questions on the application.  A commercial kitchen agreement must be signed and submitted with your application if any food or beverage is prepared prior to the event.  Foods are not allowed to be prepared at home unless you are an approved Cottage Food Operator.  If you produce a packaged food and store that food for more than seven (7) days you must provide your CA Food Processor Registration with your application. 

Yes.  An inspector will inspect your TFF and determine compliance with the California Health and Safety Code (CalCode).  These requirements are described on the TFF application, so read carefully to avoid temporary or permanent closure of the facility.  You may also refer to for questions regarding food safety requirements.

Yes.  You may be approved for a fee exemption if you qualify under the Alameda County Ordinance Title 6.  and  The request will be denied if qualifications are not met and regular fees will apply. 

You may need to contact California Alcoholic Beverage Control, California Board of Equalization for sales tax payments or the local fire department. Your event coordinator should be able to advise you.

Yes. BBQ and deep fat frying must be conducted outside the booth, in an area fenced off from the public. All other food prep must be inside the booth. Always check with your local Fire Department if you will be working with open flames.

The Special Events Coordinator may be able to schedule a meeting with you prior to the event.  Submit your request for consult at at least 2 months before your event.

No. You are required to demonstrate knowledge in safe food handling.  Please complete the food safety quiz attached to the TFF application and submit it with your application. 

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