Solid Waste Program


Alameda County Department of Environmental Health is certified by the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) as the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) for Alameda County. The LEA is responsible for ensuring the correct operation and closure of solid waste facilities in California.

Alameda County LEA also has the responsibility to ensure the proper storage and transportation requirements of solid wastes. The LEA regulates solid waste facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and state minimum standards through permitting, inspection and enforcement efforts to manage and mitigate the impacts of solid waste on public health and safety and the environment.

LEA staff regulates the activities of solid waste facilities and operations by:

  • Permitting and inspecting landfills, transfer stations, composting and construction and demolition operations and facilities and refuse collection vehicles;
  • Providing information to the public and assistance to solid waste facilities;
  • Investigating complaints associated with illegal disposal or storage of solid wastes.

Solid Waste Facilities

  • Landfills (Active and Closed)
  • Transfer Processing Operations and Facilities
  • Composting Operations and Facilities
  • Wood and Green Waste Chipping and Grinding Operations and Facilities
  • Construction, Demolition and Inert Debris Processing Operations and Facilities

Public Notices

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